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Old Town Tree makes the press

Lately we have been getting some attention from local and nation publications. We do not seek attention but it feels nice to get noticed for doing quality work. We try to do our best on all occassions. Most of the time it goes unnoticed, which is good. There should be no complications, work should be performed safely and completed smoothly. Customers should expect this as part of the service they pay for. We would rather have happy customers that can trust us and our work. That is why when we do get noticed it is unexpected and an extra sort of special. One of the publications is Tree Service Magazine, an online publication. I recieved a phone call from a gentleman inquring about wood disposal after we leave the jobsite. I didn't even realize I was being interviewed until he asked if he could use it for an article. It turned out really well I think and is exciting to be a part of." target="_blank">http:// Check it out for yourself. We are mentioned quite a few times, which is also nice. The other two publications are from our local news paper, The Winchester Star. We were just doing high visability jobs and people called in out of interest. The photographer is super nice and always hangs out and takes an interest in what we are doing. It is all free advertising also which is just a lucky perk. I attribute it all to just working hard and trying to do what is considered best within the industry,

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