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Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Winchester, VA

Proper tree pruning and tree trimming in Winchester, Virginia

Pruning can be done to maintain a tree's health and promote it's longevity. These optimal goals can be achieved by cleaning out dead or broken limbs, cleaning out the crown to promote new growth, elevating lower limbs for clearance, eliminating non-dominant limbs allowing dominant limbs to thrive, removing branches that interfere with structures or views, or when limbs are encroaching on other trees. We offer proper pruning techniques that produce the best results for your trees. We often recommend pruning as a viable option over removals to save your favorite trees. WE DO NOT USE SPIKES DURING TREE PRUNING. Spiking a tree that, is not being removed, leaves noticeable marks on the tree. These marks are also open wounds that can lead to rot, insect infestation, spreading of detrimental diseases, and takes away energy to heal spike wounds that could be used to heal healthy cuts made from pruning.

The worst time to prune a tree is Spring and Summer. Spring and Summer are when the tree are actively cycling. They are depleted on resources after exerting so much energy producing foliage and new growth. It takes energy to properly seal wounds made by cuts. Trees do not heal so much as they seal, through a process called Compartmentalization Of Decay In Trees(CODIT). Sometimes we have to break this rule to remove dead limbs or branches affecting a structure. Other than that MOST MAJOR PRUNING SHOULD OCCUR IN THE FALL AND WINTER MONTHS. This is when the trees are dormant and have an abundance of energy stored up. They can better disperse this energy to tend to fresh cuts. This is also when bugs and beetles are less active. Pests are attracted to fresh cuts and can use this exposure to further cause harm. Beetles transfer tons a fungus and can cause wide spread of diseases. 

WE ALSO DO NOT TOP TREES. Topping trees leads to guaranteed more problems in the future. The idea is to "manage" or "control" our beloved trees. Also, to keep them "safe" and "healthy" for years to come. The reality is that it stresses the tree out and stimulates an irregular amount of a growth hormone. This in turn, causes the tree to rapidly create erratic sprouts to try and combat the loss. These sprouts turn into larger erratic limbs and branches. The tree will regrow to it's former status eventually but not without issues. Where these erratic limbs sprout from is now weakened. With the multiplied amount of new limbs comes a multiplied amount of weight, on a now weaker union. This in turn requires restoration pruning, which is hard and not always affective. The other option is, of coarse to top the tree again, starting the whole process over. After a certain amount of years and this aggressive pruning, the tree can begin to fail. It is my belief that tree topping leads to more and unnecessary tree work. In my opinion it is just paying multiple times to slowly kill and finally remove your tree. Trees develop and balance themselves naturally. They produce a certain amount of foliage to generate and disperse energy as needed. The less we do to them, generally the better they are. Proper pruning should never consist of removing more than about 15% of the tree at any given time. Larger branches should be taken off in phases, if at all.

We take pride in our passion and knowledge for proper tree care. The hope is that we have conveyed that in this page. Please consult one of tree care experts at Old Town Tree and Landscaping LLC to further discuss proper pruning practices and proper tree care. Also do your own research before hiring a "tree expert". Also, click any highlighted link on this page to discover more information from independent, unaffiliated and reputable sources.




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