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Tree Removal Winchester, VA

Tree removal Winchester, Virginia

Trees need to be removed for many different reasons. They outgrow the area allotted and become too much to manage. They need to be cleared for new construction. Sometimes they are dead, dying 0r diseased. At this point they may have become dangerous and hazardous to property and sometimes even to occupants. Whatever the reason, no tree is too big or too small for us to remove safely.

We also take pride in the fact that we offer low impact tree removals. By having highly experienced climbers, whom are knowledgeable with current techniques, we do not have to tear your yard up in the process with heavy equipment. We also carry the some of the newest and best equipment in Winchester, VA. Having specialized equipment allows us to remove any tree safely. It has also helped us become more efficient, which in turn allows us to offer some of the best rates around. Our decades of combined experience enables us to take on any tree removal with confidence and swiftness. Let our tree removal experts give you the peace of mind you deserve at an affordable rate. Call Old Town Tree today for a fast free and affordable quote. We are a top rated tree service and carry all the proper insurances. Ask about our Workers Comp and General Liability Policies.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Winchester, VA?

A lot of people have never had any experience in dealing with having a tree removed. There are a lot of determining factors to the actual cost. There is rarely a one size fit all price. For this reason most tree companies offer free estimates. It is always recommended to get multiple quotes or referrals are another great route to finding the right contractor. One of the main factors is size of tree. Obviously the larger the tree the more it could cost. Not all large trees have to have a high price tag though. What can make a larger tree more expensive is the amount of debris that has to be hauled away. Branches and limbs up to 15" can be processed through the wood chipper. This in the best way to consolidate and haul away debris. The type of tree is also important. Some species of tree are more desirable for various reasons and easier to get rid of. For example Oak is an optimal wood to use for firewood. This may make it easier to dispose of which could bring the cost down. Pine, on the hand, is less desirable to burn and may have to be paid for to dispose of. Proximity of tree to homes, buildings, structures, fences, powerlines, telecommunication lines, and other things may play a role as well. The reason for taking a tree down in the first place may be to protect one of these. So not damaging them in the removal process is another obvious goal. This may require more a technical process such as rigging and lowering parts of the tree with control. This process will be more time consuming than just felling a tree. Location of a tree is also a big part of the process especially for access to the tree. If there is limited access it may be harder to get equipment to it. With limited equipment sometimes more experience and manual labor is required. The type of terrain comes into play as well. If a tree is in a wooded area there will be less need to worry about protecting the ground. If the tree is in the middle of a manicured lawn freshly sodded, a more delicate approach will be needed. At the end of the day almost every situation is slightly different. At Old Town Tree we have the experience to determine exactly what is needed for almost every situation. We also have some of the best equipment around. All this, on top of our highly trained staff, makes us one of the best tree removal services in town! We take great pride in offering competitive quotes and finding affordable solutions.

Some Ways we Save you Money

As discussed in the previous section, determining the cost of tree removal can vary greatly. Having the experience to remove any tree safely and efficiently is the starting point and that begins with staffing. All of our employees have at least a decade of experience each in the tree care industry. We often recruit well seasoned career tree workers.  We offer great pay scales and have year round work. This helps insure that the workforce stays happy. The longer a crew works together, the more efficient they will become. Our employees are our most valuable resource and are treated as such. Next we have some of the largest storage capacity trucks in town. We are able to stay on site longer without having to le to dump. That brings us to dumping wood debris. We have secured so many dump sites over the years. depending on the type of wood and chips we can dump within a few miles of whatever jobsite we are on. Often these spots do not cost us much, if anything. If we do have to pay it is never much and we pass this saved cost onto our customers. Our other equipment gives us an edge as well. Our Bobcat is the smallest one made.... To Be Continued......




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Certified Arborist on staff! Let our local tree experts help identify what issues your trees may be experiencing. We believe strongly in Plant Health Care. Old Town Tree can treat trees for a variety of diseases. Sometimes removing a tree is the best solution but it is always nice to know that we are removing it for the right reasons.

Tree removal service in Winchester, VA
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