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Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Winchester, VA

stump grinding and stump removal in Winchester, VA 22601

Remove old stumps or stumps from freshly cut down trees. Either way stumps are an eyesore and prevent you from growing anything new in that area. We can chase down roots and go well below ground level to insure that pesky stumps are no longer an issue. We also offer the options to remove all the stump debris. We take stump removal as seriously as tree removal.

Root Barrier Installation

Large Stump Removal Service In Winchester, Virginia 22601

Sometimes trees are too close to our homes and structures. In addition to the overhead problems, there can be unseen issues under the surface. These disturbances often go unattended to until damage has already been done. Yes, I'm talking about the root system.

We often don't think about tree roots because they are, for the majority, unseen. The root system often extends well past the drip line of the canopy. Roots can penetrate and disrupt the integrity of your foundation, potentially causing damage. Maple roots are a prime example because they are notorious for popping in and out of the surface and expanding everywhere. If a root barrier is properly installed it can divert root system and protect foundation from incurring damage. Roots are very important to tree health so this is a safe way to balance tree health and keep foundations sound. Tree care experts at Old Town Tree and Landscaping can offer advice and properly install tree root barriers.

Stump Removal Service near me Winchester, Virginia 22603
Tree Removal Service in Winchester, VA




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Tree Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Near Me

Let our tree care experts handle all your stump grinding and stump removal needs. We have the experience to take care of any stump large or small. If there is a conflict with buried utilities we can identify it and call in a service ticket with Miss Utility. Miss Utility is a free public service to help locate underground gas, water, power and telecommunication lines. We also rely heavily on Adam Durbin with Hop Skip And A Stump. When we get calls for just stump removal, we often refer the jobs to Adam. He carries his own insurance and grinds stump for most of the tree companies around the Winchester area. He only focuses on stump grinding. Because of this he usually has the ability to take care of jobs quicker.  Also for larger jobs we will refer Adam. We are a tree service that offers stump grinding. We provide it as a service for customers that we are taking trees down for. Adam is just focused on stump grinding and offers competitive rates. 
Stump grinding and stump removal near me
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