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Workers Compensation Insurance

A lot of homeowners do not know their risks when hiring any contractor. Advertising INSURED does not always mean that homeowners are completly covered. Sadly a lot of this is on the homeowner to figure out. Another sad reality is that sometimes companies do not carry the proper insurance. It is always best to ask for current documnets of proof of insurance. An insurer can issue a certificate with a customers information on it. This is the best way to verify proof of insurance. Also in Virginia businesses are only required to carry workers comp if they have 2 or more employees. If the company does not have workers comp it does not nessecarily mean they are bad or breaking the law. A lot of companies only carry general liability insurnace. Again this is not bad. It just does not fully protect the home owner. I personally have hired smaller companies that I trust and know that did not require workers comp. At the end of the day it is about comfort and trust. I gauge the risk level of the type of job I am hiring a professional for. At Old Town Tree we do carry workers comp insurance.

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