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Setting and meeting expectations on your tree removal project in Winchester, Virginia 22601.

We will fill up each large truck twice with wood chips and haul 5/6 loads of logs out today. 1 crew working the front and 1 crew in the back with almost identical setups. Some trees are technical and over fences and structures.

Most of them we can just fell though. The customer has a spot we can dump 2 loads of chips. This saves us so much time and we only have to haul out the last loads as we are leaving. This customer is going for bulk and efficiency. The work area is mostly wooded and in a horse paddock. We can use our larger equipment wide open.

This project is a 1 day job totaling about $5,000.00. That is a good chunk of change. When you break it down though it comes out to be about $193.00 per tree. These are not small trees either. Not every job has this kind of set up and access mind you either. Along with equipment, we also bring 9 highly skilled workers. We are licensed and insured. We carry workers compensation and all of our employees are W-2. This means we are not bringing contractors to you your property, that you then have to wonder if they each carry their own insurance.

Capitalism breeds innovative and efficiency, which creates competition. Better, faster, cheaper and the goal is the consumer wins. Now we can't forget safety first is alway the top priority. I always encourage customers to get multiple quotes. Ask for references and request Certificate of Insurance (COI). Our insurance agent is Stacy Webb at Creekside Insurance. Literally the best agent and company I have ever worked with. They do so much for us it's almost unbelievable. They manage our account as such an amazing level and have saved us 10's of thousands of dollars, which helps keep us lean and affordable.

I also tell customers to look at reviews across different platforms. Yelp, Facebook, Nextdoor and Google are usually good places. Not all reviews are real good and bad. It can give a general idea of what it is like to work with different companies though. I'm proud to say that Old Town Tree is highly rated across all platforms. This is mostly due to our absolutely amazing staff. They are polite and professional. Now we make mistakes and that is ok. We are tree men but still human men none the less. The way we avoid negative reviews is by owning our mistakes. They are usually small and easily fixable. If there is ever an issue, we will always go the extra mile to make it right. We also do not require deposits. We want payment upon completion. This way we know every customer is satisfied.

At the end of the day if you have a good product it really sells itself. Contractoring is mostly just communication, setting expectations and following thorough. Things occur and life happens. Equipment breaks, people get sick and call out and sometimes it even rains. If an expectation cannot be met, then upfront honesty is always the best approach. We try our best always and hopefully that reflects. Please don't hesitate to call us to today for all your tree care needs. We want your business!!!
















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