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No Deposit Required

A lot of tree service companies require a deposit these days. I never quite understood this. We are not buying materials and our work is mostly labor based. Obviously we have equipment and other costs. It is my personal belief that the deposit does not benifit the customer. I think companies do it to "secure" jobs. This leaves the customer exposed. They are now at the mercy of the company. It should always be the other way around. Often times you really don't know what type of company you are hiring until they show up and do the work. It is a risk for bott parties. That is what contracts and work orders are for. They protect both sides. I can not tell you how many times we have worked for customers that have already given a deposit and not had the work done. We do not take payment until we are done and customers are happy. This leaves a good bit of control in the customers hands. I think it builds trust and holds us accountable to our work.

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