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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our mergers and acquisition department has been working overtime in 2022. Old Town Tree Service has hit the ground running. We are committed to providing the best possible tree care in Winchester, VA 22601. We are also committed to staying Winchester's best tree service. We have bought some seriously cool equipment from another tree company located in Winchester. We have also hired all of thier employess!!! What does this mean for customers. The hope is that with the new firepower, we can have a shorter lead time and get to more tree removal and tree trimming project quicker than ever before. We also bought a larger stump grinding machine. One of the machines we bought will cut done a ton on time and add a lot in terms of safety. It is one of the largest lifts in the area and gives us access to almost any tree. This is all eciting news and just think about how much more tree work we will be able to accomplish. We are excited for the future of Old Town Tree. More deatils to come.....

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