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Land Clearing in Winchester, VA with Bobcat T650

Old Town Tree and Landscaping has always taken on land clearing jobs. Recently we have been getting more calls about it. There are a few companies that specialize in clearing lots. Some reasons to clear land are to reclaim the area for new purposes. Another reason is for new construction; house build and septic. It could just be to maintain and control certain areas overgrown and hosting invasive species; like Russian Autumn Olive, Bradford Pear and Ailanthus. The problem is the larger companies want to clear 25+ acres. Builders will offer it on new construction but do not always do the best job. They are not licensed and professional tree experts just like we are not licensed and professional builders. This is usually the cheapest option but if not done properly can cause more issues down the line. If debris is not properly disposed of they can be a nightmare to deal with. A lot of times they get pushed to a corner or buried. Once they are in a corner they get blocked in by construction. If they are buried they can form a sinkhole. Debris can be burnt but that is not always an option depending on county and HOA regulations. A lot of other unforeseen damage can occur, especially if some trees are trying to be preserved. Soil compaction, changing the grade, watershed and exposing the trees to elements can all affect tree health and longevity.

If trees mature and are surrounded by other trees they get used to those conditions.They sway and protect each other from wind and sun. When suddenly exposed to the environment, they can develop unnatural bushy limbs. These limbs are a reaction to the sudden change. This steals resources from natural development. Some species of tree even graft together through root systems and share nutrients. This is what is meant by "trees talking" and having families. They depend on each other for survival and what is done to one, can affect many. Another common injury trees sustain from clearing is base damage from machines. This happens to the best of us, especially in tight areas. These wounds can take energy from the tree to heal. They are also an opening for infestations and diseases. My point is that it is not always as simple as whacking down trees and yanking them out. Stump grinding is also another factor. Some counties require that stumps be grinded out instead of pulled. This is to prevent sinkholes. They also might not let you disturb the soil until a septic company is involved and onsite.

For all these reasons, and many more, Old Town Tree has upped our game when it comes to clearing projects in Winchester, VA. We have bought larger equipment and trucks. Most tree companies focus on residential. The goal there is to have large enough equipment that can be transported easily. Light and mobile. The bigger companies have massive equipment that requires flagging vehicles and permits to move from job to job. There is a huge gap in the middle. That is why we have bought a whole new fleet that is dedicated to the middle. We can still move fast but also have equipment and trucks large enough to stay efficient and relevant in the 3-12 acre market. We can add attachments to our full size skid as well depending on customer needs. Forestry and disc mulchers can clear smaller trees and understory brush pretty quickly. Those attachments do not always leave the best finished product though. It is, as always, not identifying customer needs and achieving realistic goals at fair price points. Let our Certified Arborist discuss and plan your next lot clearing job in Winchester, VA.

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