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VDOT Maintenance

Old Town Tree and Landscaping took on some VDOT tree projects this year. Safety is always the biggest priority when doing tree work along any roadside. Safety for our employees, pedestrians and traffic. Our goals with this project were to removed any dead or hazardous trees and prune any trees affecting visiability. We had to prune branches away from road signs and to improve the line of sight. We worked under the guidelines of the county Arborist, along with our Certified Arborist, Jack Boothe. This is not the most exciting work but it is a good service that needs to be done. It also keeps us busy through the slower months. We will tackle any tree job big or small. We carry enough insurance to submit bids on government contracting work. We also prune trees according to ANSI A300 pruning standards. Again, big shout out to Adam Durbin with Hop Skip and a Stump LLC. We grind plenty of stumps locally in Winchester, Va 22601. It is always nice to have Adam help support us on larger stump removal jobs. having him helps keep us focused on tree removal and tree trimming. It helps us meet our deadlines and we are always happy with his work!

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