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Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Winchester, Virginia

We also upgraded our stump grinding division! It was part of our 2022 new equipment purchase from another local company. It is kind of bittersweet. We are now more capable of taking care of larger stumps very quickly. The bitter part is that we might not see our favorite contractor Adam Durbin with Hop Skip and a Stump LLC as much. Adam is still the undisputed stump grinding king of Winchester! We have relied heavily on him for years and he always does an amazing job in a timely manner. The reality is that he grinds stumps for a lot of other tree companies as well. We are a tree service that offers stump grinding. We mostly offer it on trees we have removed. He is fully focused on stumps. He has a quicker response time and offers more options. We will still refer Adam as much as possible, especially on jobs that are just grinding. He is a great resource and friend. We highly recommend his services! Thank you for always being so reliable!!! In this new chapter Old Town Tree Service, located in Winchester, Virginia 22602, is looking to take on more stump grinding and stump removal projects. As previously mentioned we have relied on Adam to grind our larger stumps. This machine is a Bandit 2550 4x4 with all rubber tires. Rubber tires have limitations and struggle getting up steep inclines, especially when wet. The advantage is that they do not tear the yard up as much as the track stump grinders do. We still have our smaller ZT1844 Bandit Stump Grinder on tracks. The new machine is diesel powered motor with a lot more torque. It is also hydraulic driven, so no belts or adjustments required. The smaller machine will come in handy in tight areas. It is also easy to transport. Old Town Tree Service is now a more capable tree company! There is no tree removal in Winchester, Virginia that we can not take on with confidence and ease. We have been working through all this snow FYI. It is slow going and kind of brutal out. We have amazing employees at Old Town Tree Care. They suit up and show up daily. Please call us for all your tree care needs.

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