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State Record Breaking Poplar Tree in Winchester, VA

I got a chance to check out a very large Tulip Poplar. The customer believed it is a historic tree. Honestly we get calls every week about HUGE trees. Most of the time they are large but infact not that large. A couple of months ago we removed the second largest Oak in Winchester, VA. It was in severe decline and had become dangerous. This Poplar turned out to be a giant. I called the local forrester and he is going to come check it out. He will report it to be scored and hopefully it will be the largest recorded Poplar in Virginia. The way trees are scored is circumfference+height+crown=score. A long time ago we came across the largest recorded Hackberry in WV. it had some minor issues but overall was healthy. Mature trees do not always take well to any kind of pruning. If there is no immediate danger, often times, it is best to just let the tree be and do what it would naturally. I will get pics of this Poplar and update shortly with the results. Pretty exciting. Check out this website to find record trees in VA. Also, to report large trees to be recorded.

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