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Old Town Tree Service in Winchester, VA

Old Town Tree and Landscaping LLC is a top rated tree company located in Winchester, Virginia 22601. Old Town Tree has been voted Winchesters Best Tree Service. We specialize in tree hazardous tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, land clearing, stump grinding, stump removal, storm damage, emergency tree service and all other tree care needs. We are fully licensed and insured tree surgeons. All of our employees are on payroll and covered by our workers compensation policy. We have one of the largest aerial lifts on the market. This machine allows us access to regions that a normal bucket truck could not get to. It is a CMC 83' Arbor Pro. It folds up to a slender 36" and can get through most gates. This machine also allows us to safely remove almost any tree that is too dangerous to climb. We also have a 61' bucket truck that is great for roadside tree pruning and tree trimming jobs. We have 3 very experienced Climbing Arborists to back up our lifts. We have multiple stump grinders. One of which is a Bandit 2550 4X4 49 horsepowered diesel. This is a wheeled stump machine that is very powerful and makes short work on any stump removal project. We also have a smaller Bandit ZT1844 27 horsepowered gas stump grinding machine. This is on tracks and has more mobility and can gain access to any hard to reach stump. We have two Bandit wood chippers. One is a 15XPC and the other is a 12XP. This allows us to tackle any large clean up and chipping job. We have 5 dump trucks that keep us onsite longer. We have lots more equipment to back up our tree care professionals. We offer option of full clean up after tree removal and tree pruning. Our local Arborists are well trained and well diversed in all aspects of the tree care industry. We offer free assessments and can help identify most issues with a variety of different tree species. We also offer free, fast and upfront estimates. Let our tree experts take care of your trees! Call now for any question or to set up an appointment (540)336-5415. We pride ourselves on offering affordable and competitive rates. We also take pride in safety. Arborculture is a way of life for us and we love working in this field. We offer tree care services to the following areas: Winchester 22601 22602 22603, Berryville 22611, Stephens City 22655, Stephenson 22656, Bluemont 20135. Also check out our website:

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