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Old Town Tree and Landscaping just installed a dump bed and added underbody tool boxes the truck.

Barrett Machine has an amazing set up and we are very lucky to know Jason Barrett. It's inspiring hearing the story of this company. It proves that hard work can equal great success.

Can't believe this box came off so easy. luckily Jason has all the right tools.

Coy Lemmert and Jason Barrett tagged teamed this bed and worked many hours on it.

Not sure this accurately portrays my role in this install job but I can't deny that it happened.

I think Jason Barrett just let me do this for fun but had to go back over and actually weld this properly. Still I'm going to start telling people I know how to weld now.

Very proud owners of this, now, custom dump truck . Thanks again to Jason Barrett. You truly are a master of your craft and all around badass.

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