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New Giant Articulating Loader

We purchased this Giant Loader 1500 a couple months ago. We bought it from RentalHouz located in Winchester Virginia. When i was a younger man I always belived in the power of manual labor. I think this philosophy and work ethic has carried me far in life. That being said the power of machine is undeniable. I will always believe in the power of skilled labor as being the backbone of the tree care industry. That being said equipment definitely allows us to accomplish way more in a way shorter amount of time. When I started Old Town Tree, I really didn't have the option to buy nice or new equipment. Now that we have grown into one of the largest tree companies in Winchester, VA, We are so blessed to be in a position to grow. This growth has only made us more efficiant and able to accomplish work faster. We still have our mini Bobcat Loader but this new machines plays a huge role as well. The Bobcat is more verstile but can cause some light damage. It is also more compact so it can fit in tighter areas with ease. The Giant Loader is larger and can lift more weight. It can also lift it higher and has a much faster travel speed. It has zero imapact on yards. We can drive it through a wet yard and expect no damage or imprint whatsoever. These machines both have a place on our jobsite and compliment each other well.

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