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Land Clearing in Winchester, Virginia

Saw this Deere running through the woods today. Most of our machines at Old Town Tree and Landscaping are geared towards low impact and use in residential yards. When doing larger land clearing projects in Winchester, Virginia we pull out the big guns. These larger skid steer machines move a lot of wood and debris very quickly. They are a must have for speed and efficiency. They also tear up the land a little bit more. We really only use them on heavily wooded areas and mostly areas that need to be graded afterwards. The size and weight of these machines can actually cause damage to root systems underground. Mostly through soil compaction but also tearing up shallow roots. A common mistake when grading is dinging up the base and roots of trees meant to be preserved. These unseen damages to your favorite tree can actually cause a lot of issues down the road. Always consult with a proffessional arborist to consult in selective land clearing jobs in Winchester, VA. Safely removing trees selected to come out should be well thought out and planned as to not cause any damage to other trees. Depending on the goals of the project, there are a few options to remove the stumps. Stump grinding is required in certain countys if land clearing is for septic systems and drainage. Ripping stumps out with large track machines is another option. Then they can either be hauled off or buried. Call our tree experts today for free consultation and estimate. 540-336-5415. Tree care proffesionals located in Winchester, Virginia 22601.

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