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Get To Know Us At Old Town Tree, We Hope To Get The Opportunity To Meet You!

Arborist climbs tree inWinchester Virginia

Ben Heslep

- I have been doing tree work for over fifteen years. I started at the bottom of the totem pole when I was 18 years old dragging brush and cleaning up job sites. Growing up I used to rock climb during the summers all over Virginia and West Virginia. I learned a lot of great climbing techniques through those experiences and never imagined that I would grow up to climb professionally doing tree work. I have always had an affinity for trees so when I found a job in this industry I was more than pleased to fulfill my need for adventure and general interest in trees. I worked on the ground for several years learning the ropes, no pun intended.

There is a lot that goes into being a good and safe groundsmen, and looking back I believe that to be a good climber you must first master the groundwork. My biggest opportunity came when I got a job for a Large company down in Richmond, Va. I had some basic knowledge going into this new job but thought I was well versed in arboriculture. I quickly found out that I had a lot more to learn. My greatest teacher and mentor in this field was and still is aborist, Joel Nolting. He taught me fundamentals of tree care, safe practices, and a general passion for properly doing this kind of work. A lot of guys in this industry have themselves convinced that they are safe, knowledgeable, and passionate about tree work. Even worse they have customers convinced of these things. My goal is to bring a higher level of professionalism and industry standards to the Winchester Virginia area. Another goal of mine is to bring this quality of tree service here at more affordable and competitive rates. Through many years of hard work I can say that I know exactly what it takes to get the job done right without the sometimes extreme prices that come with the sometimes sub par quality of work. Old Town Tree and Landscaping also focuses on low impact tree work. We achieve this in several ways, one being that we do not spike trees when pruning. This requires a better skill set and more technique but is better for the trees. Another way is by taking the time to climb trees instead of using heavy equipment that can destroy a yard. Old Town Tree and Landscaping is my dream and I just hope that I can share the knowledge I have obtained over the years to better serve the trees and customers in our area.

Tree care in Winchester, Virginia

Richard "Richie" Wingfield

- Richie has been doing tree and landscaping work for 25 years. He brings an old school work ethic and mentality that is a hard quality to find these days. His experience comes in handy on a daily basis and he has skills that can only be developed over time. He knows more about general landscaping than the rest of us combined. He is true artist and creates magnificently aesthetic sceneries. He also knows the science behind his work to back up his methods. This provides for a more long lasting effect that is ultimately more cost effective. He never needs any direction on job sites and even guides our climbers from the ground with advice. He has such a developed eye for this work that when he speaks we listen. He can identify more plants than most and knows when, how, and why to prune them properly. He is the backbone of Old Town Tree and Landscaping's workforce and sets the tone to emulate. This company would at a true loss without him. 

Professional tree service Winchester, VA 22601

Brian Franklin

- Brian served our country as a Marine. He is a father of three beautiful children. He is a skilled carpenter by trade. He is also one of my oldest and best friends. He has limited experience as far as tree work goes, but he has such and positive energy about him and a strong yearning to succeed at life in general. When he told me he was looking to explore new career opportunities, Old Town Tree and Landscaping didn't hesitate to harness his energy and attitude and offer him a job.

He has been a welcome addition. Right off the bat customers seem to acknowledge his infectious zest for life and engage him in all sorts of conversations. He embraced starting at the bottom doing grunt work, but has already shown and interest in excelling in this field. He has a thirst for knowledge and absorbs everything we teach him. He also takes time after hours studying and learning as much as he can to better himself for each work day. He has big plans for Old Town Tree he told me, and we in turn we have big plans for him. The sky really is the limit for him and we have high hopes that he will be a part of helping usher us to the next level of our business.

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