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Trees need to be removed for many different reasons. They outgrow the area allotted and become too much to manage. They need to be cleared for new construction. Sometimes they are just dead and have become dangerous and hazardous to property and sometimes even to occupants. Whatever the reason, no tree is too big or too small for us to remove safely. We also take pride in the fact that we offer low impact tree removals. By having highly experienced climbers whom are knowledgeable with current techniques we do not have to tear your yard up in the process with heavy equipment.

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Pruning can be done to maintain a tree's health and promote it's longevity. These optimal goals can be achieved by cleaning out dead or broken limbs, cleaning out the crown to promote new growth, elevating lower limbs for clearance, eliminating non-dominate limbs allowing dominate limbs to thrive, removing branches that interfere with structures or views, or when limbs are encroaching on other trees. We offer proper pruning techniques that produce the best results for your trees. We often recommend pruning as a viable option over removals to save your favorite trees.  WE DO NOT USE SPIKES DURING TREE PRUNING. Spiking a tree that, is not being removed, leaves noticeable marks on the tree. These marks are also open wounds that can lead to rot, insect infestation, spreading of detrimental diseases, and takes away energy to heal spike wounds that could be used to heal healthy cuts made from pruning.

Stump Grinding Winchester, Va. 22601 Old Town Tree and Landscaping

Stump Grinding

Remove old stumps or stumps from freshly cut down trees. Either way stumps are an eyesore and prevent you from growing anything new in that area. We can chase down roots and go well below ground level to insure that pesky stumps are no longer an issue.

storm damage tree work with Old Town Tree and Landscaping in Winchester, Va

Storm Damage/Emergency Situations 24/7 on Call

Weather high winds, severe thunderstorms, heavy ice build up, or full blown hurricanes; trees sometimes come down in an undesirable fashion and wherever Mother Nature decides to put them is where they stay until we are called to remove them. Anytime day or night we are available and on call to help you in this time of distress. We can temporarily patch damage done to structures to prevent the elements from causing them further damage. Nobody likes this type of situation but when it happens we are here to help! 

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Planting New Trees & Landscaping

Sometimes the best way to prevent costs down the road is to plan now and plant the proper trees for your yard. Also once a tree is removed it can greatly affect the look of your yard and replanting a new tree can be the best and healthiest solution for you and our planet. Remember No Trees No Breathe. We can help recommend what type of trees and where the best locations are to help it live a long and happy life. We can also  offer advice on planting accent shrubbery,  ornamental plants,  and even mulching your yard to spruce up it's overall look.                                                                                       

Firewood from Old Town Tree and Landscaping in Winchester, VA


Old Town Tree and Landscaping sells seasoned mixed hard wood year round. We do all the work for you from splitting to delivery and we will even stack it for you!

root care system

Root Barrier Installation

Sometimes trees are too close to our homes and structures. In addition to the overhead problems, there can be unseen issues under the surface. These disturbances often go unattended to until damage has already been done. Yes, I'm talking about the root system. We often don't think about tree roots because they are, for the majority, unseen. The root system often extends well past the drip line of the canopy. Roots can penetrate and disrupt the integrity of  your foundation, causing extensive damage. Maple roots are a prime example because they are notorious for popping in and out of the surface and expanding everywhere. If a root barrier is properly installed it can divert root system and protect foundation from incurring damges. Roots are very important to tree health so this is a safe way to balance tree health and keep foundations sound. Tree care experts at Old Town Tree and Landscaping can offer advice and properly install tree root barriers. 

root barrier installation done by tree care experts at Old Town Tree and Landscaping
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